Choose the correct option to complete these simple present sentences.

1. I __________ like sushi.
a) no
b) do not
c) does not
d) not

2. Bill __________ to watch hockey.
a) like
b) likes
c) does not likes
d) do not like

3. The children __________ very hungry.
a) am
b) is
c) are
d) do

4. Julie __________ in a big city.
a) live
b) is live
c) do not live
d) does not live

5. The girl __________ the piano.
a) do not play
b) do not plays
c) does not play
d) does not plays

6. I __________ very happy today.
a) am not
b) is not
c) do not
d) does not

7. Burger King and Taco Bell __________ famous restaurants.
a) is
b) are
c) do
d) does

8. Jenny __________ a bicycle.
a) does not have
b) does not has
c) do not have
d) do not has

9. My teacher __________ Canadian.
a) am
b) is
c) are
d) do

10. Their house ___________ look like my house.
a) is not
b) are not
c) does not
d) do not

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Simple Present Test 2

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