Choose the correct form of the verb for the simple present sentences.
1. I __________ piano.
a) play
b) plays

2. She __________ French.
a) speak
b) speaks

3. They __________ in Tokyo.
a) live
b) lives

4. Susan __________ jazz music.
a) like
b) likes

5. The students __________ many pencils.
a) have
b) has

6. The man __________ to school.
a) go
b) goes

7. Jane and Bill __________ in an office.
a) work
b) works

8. The cats __________ in the house.
a) sleep
b) sleeps

9. Rick __________ every day.
a) dance
b) dances

10. The school __________ many teachers.
a) have
b) has

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This simple present test
asks you to choose the
correct form of the verb.

Good luck!
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