Choose the correct option for these 2nd Conditional sentences.

1. If I __________ more money, I would buy a car.
a) have
b) had
c) would have
d) will have

2. If she __________ how to speak French, she would not take lessons.
a) knows
b) know
c) knew
d) known

3. If he were older, he __________ vote.
a) will
b) could
c) can
d) will be able to

4. The men would have money if they _________.
a) work
b) works
c) worked
d) working

5. What would you do if you __________ the lottery?
a) win
b) will win
c) won
d) have won

6. If Tom __________ to class, he would learn more.
a) go
b) goes
c) have went
d) went

7. The children would do better if they __________ more time.
a) have
b) has
c) having
d) had

8. Where would you __________ if you could go anywhere in the world?
a) go
b) goes
c) went
d) have gone

9. Would you __________ to live in a big house or a small house?
a) like
b) likes
c) liking
d) liked

10. Who would you meet if you __________meet anyone in the world?
a) can
b) could
c) can't
d) will be able

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