Transitional words help
you move from one idea
to another.

Find out if you know
how to use transitional
words with the test

Transitional Words Test 3

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Choose the correct transitional word.

1. There are several ways to buy cell phones. _____________, you can buy them from a phone company or a electronic store.
a) Also
b) Yet
c) For instance
d) Therefore

2. Some cultures believe giving gifts is very important. _____________, these cultures believe gifts should be elaborate.
a) In conclusion
b) Furthermore
c) For example
d) Although

3. The reading discussed the history of the railroad in North America. _____________, it elaborated on the expansion of automobile use.
a) Next
b) First
c) However
d) In addition

4. Business administration graduates can obtain jobs in many different professions. _____________, people who are unsure of their career paths often choose general business programs.
a) However
b) Moreover
c) Therefore
d) For example

5. Proper identification is necessary. _____________, a driver's license is acceptable.
a) For instance
b) Furthermore
c) Similarly
d) In conclusion

6. The professor discussed the sleeping habits of elephants. _____________, she did not explain the topic in detail.
a) Also
b) However
c) Therefore
d) In contrast

7. The speaker showed examples of cell division. _____________, she describes the process of cell growth.
a) In addition
b) In contrast
c) Therefore
c) Conversely

8. Email use has increased in the past 5 years. _____________, the use of the fax machine has declined.
a) Also
b) As well
c) Contrastingly
d) Similarly

9. Pharmaceutical companies have increased funding for research and development. _____________, Pharma X Company has increased its research and development budget every year for the last 10 years.
a) Also
b) However
c) Therefore
d) For example

10. The article showed several examples of energy-saving technology. _____________, few of the examples are suitable for low-income families.
a) In contrast
b) However
c) Therefore
c) Finally