Fill in the spaces with the correct transitional word. The options are However, Therefore, As well, and For example.

1. I don't like Italian food. , I don't eat pasta or pizza.

2. She does not have a sister. , she does have 4 brothers.

3. I like many types of Spanish food., Paella is one of my favourites.

4. The computers are very expensive. , they are too big for our offices.

5. The teacher works in the afternoon., he does not work in the morning.

6. She has lived in Detroit for 3 years. , she lived in Miami for 10 years.

7. You are not allowed to bring materials into the test. , books, notes, and dictionaries are not allowed.

8. The weather is very cold today. , it was warm yesterday.

9. The stores will close early today. , I don't have time to go shopping.

10. My cell phone is broken. , I will buy a new one.

Transitional words help
you move from one idea
to another.

Find out if you know
how to use transitional
words with the test

Transitional Words Test

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