Choose the correct option for these zero conditional sentences.

1. If you eat fast food,
a) you will gain weight.
b) you gains weight.
c) you gain weight.
d) you gained weight.

2. If you study hard,
a) you get good grades.
b) you got good grades.
c) you getting good grades.
d) you will get good grades.

3. When she works early,
a) she woke up early.
b) she will wake up early.
c) she wake up early.
d) she wakes up early.

4. When the radio plays,
a) it's hard to hear you speak.
b) it was hard to hear you speak.
c) it is hard to hear you spoke.
d) it's hard to hear you will speak.

5. I always wear a jacket
a) when it will be cold.
b) when it is cold.
c) when it was cold.
d) when it is being cold.

6. He never buys lunch
a) if he doesn't has cash.
b) if he no have cash.
c) if he won't have cash.
d) if he doesn't have cash.

7. When you heat water,
a) it boils.
b) it's boiling.
c) boils the water.
c) it was boil.

8. Does ice melt
a) if it is in the sun?
b) if it were in the sun?
c) if they are in the sun?
d) if it will be in the sun?

9. What do you do
a) if the teacher was sick?
b) if the teacher had been sick?
c) if the teacher will be sick?
d) if the teacher is sick?

10. Does the computer work
a) if you use batteries?
b) if you used batteries?
c) if you will use batteries?
c) if you had used batteries?

Zero Conditional Test

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