Yes/No Questions are
important in English.

They are the most basic
types of questions.

This lesson shows you
how to ask and answer
yes/no questions.
Yes/No questions are basic questions in English.  They are
called Yes/No questions because the answer is "yes" or "no".


Do you like pizza?        
  • Yes I do.
  • No I don't.

Yes/No Questions use 2 forms:

1.        Be  
2.        Do/Does

Verb to Be

BE        +        SUBJECT        +        Adjective/Noun


DO/DOES        +        SUBJECT        +        VERB

Yes/No Questions

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Would you like more practice with simple present
questions? Then try the simple present questions test:
Do you play
Yes I do.
No I do not.
Does she live in
Yes she does.
No she does
Do they want a
Yes they do.
No they do not.
Are you
Yes I am.
No I am not.
Is she tall?
Yes she is.
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