Choose the correct option for these comparative and superlative adjective sentences.

1. I am ________ my brother.
a) taller than
b) the tallest

2. She is ________ student in her class.
a) younger than
b) the younger
c) the youngest

3. The dog is ________ the cat.
a) the older than
b) older than
c) the oldest

4. The red jacket is ________ the blue jacket.
a) expensiver than
b) more expensive than
c) the most expensive

5. My mother is ________ in her family.
a) the shorter
b) the shorter than
c) the shortest

6. I like sushi, but Chinese food is ________.
a) better
b) the better
c) more better
c) the bestest

7. My drink is ________ of all the drinks.
a) colder than
b) the coldest
c) the most cold

8. My sister is ________ student in her class.
a) smarter than
b) the smarter
c) the most smart
d) the smartest

9. Those books are ________ than the other books.
a) expensiver than
b) more expensive than
c) most expensive than
d) the most expensive

10. Her brother is ________ soccer player on his team.
a) the better
b) better than
c) the most good
d) the best

Comparative Adjectives Test 3

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