Fill in the spaces with the correct subject or object pronoun.

For example,
He knows Tom.
He knows him.
1. He lives with Jennifer.
He lives with .

2. Thomas likes the movie.
Thomas likes .

3. Jane and I are friends.
are friends.

4. The computer is broken.
is broken.

5. He will talk to Jeff later today.
He will talk to later today.

6. The children play in the park every day.
play in the park every day.

7. He does not know Peter and Mike.
He does not know .

8. My mother and father like baseball.
like baseball.

9. The teacher helped my friend and I.
The teacher helped .

10. The hockey players have a game tonight.
have a game tonight.

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Subject and object
pronouns take the place
of proper nouns. Do you
know the difference?
Find out with the test

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