Choose the correct option for these 3rd Conditional sentences.

1. If I had studied harder, I __________ my exam.
a) would pass
b) would have passed
c) will pass
d) would passed

2. If you ___________ to the party, you would have seen me.
a) went
b) have gone
c) had gone
d) go

3. If she had listened to me, she _________ problems.
a) will not have
b) would not had
c) would not have
d) would not have had

4. I __________ milk at the store last night.
a) should buy
b) should bought
c) should have bought
d) should have buy

5. If he __________ the opportunity, he could have gone.
a) has
b) had
c) have had
d) had had

6. I would have cleaned the house if I __________ you were coming.
a) knew
b) know
c) have known
d) had known

7. They __________ the books if you had told them.
a) bring
b) brought
c) would bring
d) would have brought

8. If Brad __________ French class, he would have learned how to speak French.
a) has taken
b) had taken
c) has took
d) took

9. __________started the project if you had known it was due on Monday?
a) Would you have
b) Had you
c) Would have you
d) Would you

10. What __________if you had been me?
a) would you done
b) would you have did
c) would you have done
d) would you had done

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