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Practice rather and prefer with these tests:

Rather/Prefer Test
Rather/Prefer Test 2
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Rather and Prefer

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rather prefer
Rather and Prefer are words
used to show a choice from
different options.

The lesson below shows
you how to use rather and

Start with some examples:
Would you rather eat pizza or pasta?
  • I would rather eat pizza.

  • Would you prefer to eat pizza or pasta?
  • I would prefer to eat pizza.


The structure of these sentences are the same except for one
small difference:
Would Rather is followed by a base verb and Would Prefer is
followed by an

Subject  +  Would  +  Rather  +  Base Verb
  • I would rather live in a warm country.
  • I would rather go to a different restaurant.

Subject  +  Would  +  Prefer  +  To  +  Verb
  • I would prefer to live in a warm country.
  • She would prefer to meet on Monday.

Not comes before the verb with both rather and prefer.

  • I would rather not go to work today.
  • I would prefer not to play a game.

Take a look at this conversation to see some examples of
would rather and would prefer:

Would you rather stay home and cook dinner or go out?
I'd rather go out.  I am pretty tired today, so I don't want to
cook.  What about you?  Would you rather stay in or go out?
I would prefer to stay in, but we can go out if you would like.
That would be nice.  What type of restaurant would you like to
go to?
I'd prefer to go somewhere quiet.
Really?  Not me.  I would rather go somewhere fun, maybe
even with some live music.
But I thought you were tired?
I am, but not too tired to have some fun.
Well, I'd prefer not to, but…..OK.