Choose the correct modal verb.

1. _________ I have more cheese on my sandwich?
a) Must
b) Could
c) Would
d) Have to

2. You _________ eat more vegetables.
a) should
b) might
c) may
d) could

3. I _________ like to buy the same television for my house.
a) could
b) must
c) would
d) have to

4. _________ I have a coffee please?
a) Must
b) Have to
c) May
d) Would

5. You _________ smoke near children.
a) have to
b) may
c) shouldn't
d) couldn't

6. The passengers _________wear their seatbelts at all times.
a) could
b) must
c) can
d) may

7. We _________ go to the concert if the rain stops. We don't know for sure.
a) mustn't
b) might
c) have to
c) wouldn't

8. I _________ ice skate very well.
a) can
b) may
c) must
d) should

9. The boys _________wake up earlier than 7:30 am. They have class at 8:00 am.
a) would
b) can't
c) could
d) have to

10. The rock band _________play very well last year. Now they are much beter.
a) must
b) couldn't
c) can
c) should

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