Choose the correct option for these modal verbs of possibility.

1. He left the party early.
a) He must have to work tomorrow.
b) He must to have to work tomorrow.

2. He has to be finished the test by now.
a) He must be finished the test.
b) He might be finished the test.

3. There is new snow outside.
a) It might have snowed last night.
b) It must have snowed last night.

4. He didn't finish the exam on time.
a) He might not had studied.
b) He might not have studied.

5. She doesn't know if she will cook dinner tonight.
a) She might cook dinner.
b) She has to cook dinner.

6. Everyone is smoking outside.
a) You could not be able to smoke in here.
b) You must not be able to smoke in here.

7. He looks very tired.
a) He must have stayed up late last night.
b) He might had to stay up late last night.

8. Everyone received 100% on the math exam.
a) It must have been easy.
b) It could have been easy.

9. That book has her name on it.
a) It has to be hers.
b) It might be hers.

10. Who fixed the chair?
a) It couldn't been Jim. He was at work.
b) It couldn't have been Jim. He was at work.

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