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quizzes on many different grammar
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Lessons, exercises, and tests to improve
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Try our songs and music videos from
some of the most popular English
speaking singers in the world.  These
videos include exercises to improve
listening comprehension.

Links to English
radio stations

Watch English
movies and television
Lessons on English vocabulary words
Improve your pronunciation with
lessons and explanations of key
pronunciation topics
Business English
Lessons on business writing skills

Links to business websites in English
Lessons, strategies, tests, and practice
material for the IELTS
Lessons, strategies, tests, and practice
for the TOEIC exam
Lessons, strategies, tests, and practice
for the TOEFL exam
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Tests to practice English skills
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Enjoy lessons, tests,
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more at
Use the menu at the top of the page to find what you need to
learn English. You can find everything you need to read, write,
listen, and speak in English. is great for English students and

English as a second language
students can find many lessons
and exercises to learn and practice skills.  Also, don't forget the
tests. Easy-to-use online tests help you check your
understanding of the language while giving you instant

Teachers can use the material on this site in your classes. Feel
free to print anything you like and use it in your classes.  

learnEnglish-online will help you learn English online.  If you
would like free lessons and quizzes delivered to your email, try
newsletter or email English courses.  Both help you learn
and practice your English.

Here are the sections of the site.  You can use them to improve
your English skills in all areas.  
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