Choose the correct options depending if the sentences are 2nd or 3rd conditionals.

1. I wanted to pay for dinner, but I __________ my wallet.
a) forgot
b) had forgotten

2. She __________ eaten curry before she visited India.
a) had not
b) had no

3. __________ you visited Toronto before this trip?
a) Did
b) Had

4. Melissa had already seen that movie before we __________ to the theatre.
a) went
b) had gone

5. __________ them before you received the job offer?
a) Did you meet
b) Had you met

6. I hadn't read that book before we __________ it in class.
a) studied
b) had studied

7. We __________ already finished the project.
a) did
b) had

8. Where __________ you visited before this trip?
a) did
b) had

9. I __________ her before we met last night.
a) did meet
b) had met

10. Was that the first time you __________ that dish?
a) had try
b) had tried

Past Perfect Test

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The past perfect is an
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